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Stop using your helpdesk software as an inbox

It is not a secret that every service team must have a tool to organize access to customer requests by agents. It is the essential to have the context of requests centralized, specially to allow agents to help each other in certain demands. However, the vast majority of teams use these tools only as a shared email inbox. And this is much more common than […]


Measuring your customer satisfaction

In today’s article, we will talk about a very important measure for any type of business: your customer’s feeling of satisfaction with your product, service or company. But why measure satisfaction? Can’t I just give my best, always? It is expected, of course, that every operation that serves internal or external customers is in constant effort to improve their service. But the truth is that […]


Challenges of remote work

The challenge of remote work has an important feature: while most corporate decisions must centralize the client, remote work must consider (mainly) more internal factors. The solutions and experiences delivered should not be affected, however, the way they are delivered will be adapted. The main challenges will generally be related to your process, infrastructure, communication, and most importantly: people. In a world with a wide […]

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