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How much is a more productive team worth?

The benefits of good customer service It is very difficult to measure the financial return directly associated with the results of a better customer experience, there is little available material on the subject. However, it is increasingly clear that the customer experience plays a decisive role in the company’s operating results. We have listed some highlights of the most recent surveys below, and we would […]


Why tiering your customer service?

In recent posts, we’ve talked about how the Theory of Constraints justifies the focus on improving the “process bottleneck” in the service process queues, we’ve taught how to find the maximum number of items that is acceptable in stock for each queue, and even how helpdesk software can help with the operacional organization. But after all, why structure the service into “levels” or “queues”? The […]


Eight steps to define your company’s SLA

In an article published a few weeks ago, we talked about the concept and calculation of the SLA (Service Level Agreement). However, setting up an SLA-based culture requires your attention to some steps. Today we will discuss a simple path to optimizing your team through SLA. Step 1: know your reality First of all, you need to know what kind of service you provide and […]


Theory of Constraints

The “Theory of Constraints” was presented by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox in their book “The Goal”, from 1984, being initially imagined for a manufacturing process. However, the idea that the productivity of any process is limited by its most critical subcomponent (or constraints) can be extrapolated to other realities, including the provision of professional services. In this article, we will understand a little […]


Measuring your customer satisfaction

In today’s article, we will talk about a very important measure for any type of business: your customer’s feeling of satisfaction with your product, service or company. But why measure satisfaction? Can’t I just give my best, always? It is expected, of course, that every operation that serves internal or external customers is in constant effort to improve their service. But the truth is that […]


Communication and management of Operations team

One of the biggest productivity challenges of an operation process is communication, especially the team’s internal communication. When a team does not have an adequate standard of internal communication, its customers end up suffering from the lack of standardization and delays. In this text, we address some of the most common problems with teams’ communication patterns, their impacts on management and some tips for you […]

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