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Why tiering your customer service?

In recent posts, we’ve talked about how the Theory of Constraints justifies the focus on improving the “process bottleneck” in the service process queues, we’ve taught how to find the maximum number of items that is acceptable in stock for each queue, and even how helpdesk software can help with the operacional organization. But after all, why structure the service into “levels” or “queues”? The […]


Challenges of remote work

The challenge of remote work has an important feature: while most corporate decisions must centralize the client, remote work must consider (mainly) more internal factors. The solutions and experiences delivered should not be affected, however, the way they are delivered will be adapted. The main challenges will generally be related to your process, infrastructure, communication, and most importantly: people. In a world with a wide […]


Key metrics (KPIs) for support and customer service team

What is the purpose of your support team? What is the goal of your support (or helpdesk) team? Support can be the interface between product users and its development team in more technical cases, or offer quick solutions through the information available, for example. The service team will be the bridge between your product or service and the customer, managing the incident handling process with […]

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