About Data Studio

Transform your data into useful information through interactive reports, panels and dashboards. The Data Studio tool allows you to trace more assertive action plans and accurately monitor the performance of your process, always in a practical and online manner.

Connect to your data

Data Studio has easy integration with a wide variety of data sets, in addition to several connectors created by the community. Being completely web, it also has an excellent interface with other Google products.

Share your analysis

Data Studio has a friendly structure for sharing and collaboration in the construction of reports. With it, you can schedule the sending of periodic reports or make your insights available to selected teams.

Variety in information display

Visualize your story in a clear and pleasant interface. Use different models of graphs such as histograms, line graphs, maps and tables, add images and links, make the report look like your company.

See from different perspectives

Add date filters or other types, static or dynamic, and allow analysis of segments or subgroups of your data. Compare performance across processes and teams and draw up improvement plans inspired on what works.


Data Studio is a versatile and powerful tool. However, its potential is only fully exploited if the operation leader overcomes some challenges:

  • Validation of the most representative data of your objectives
  • Configuration of data sources and integration with current databases
  • Combination and treatment of data
  • Employee engagement in the use of data intelligence
  • Elaboration of the dashboard itself

SERVICE CASES with Data Studio

See how Deskflows helped to enhance the use of Data Studio on our customers

Career consulting company

Tracking sales funnel conversions

In this company, the monitoring of monthly progression, as well as the achievement of goals by salesperson, were carried out manually, through spreadsheets. It was difficult to consult partial numbers and adopt more dynamic corrective plans. A simple change in perspective, such as changing month by quarter, required a new report. Every month, management relied on data handling to generate their insights.

With our assistance, the metrics related to the company's sales funnel were revised and which ones made the most sense in the current challenge were identified. In addition, a first version of what would be the new sales dashboard was made: the state of each stage of the process and the main bottlenecks were identified.

From there, it was possible to implement the funnel's stage-by-stage conversion rates and a performance view by salesperson, in addition to detailed views by channel, source and qualification data.

In conjunction with our consultancy, an entirely new and useful analysis was implemented: the ``cropped`` view, or the current status of contacts by month of sale.

  • Visualization of advances in each phase of the funnel and earnings by period
  • Tracking Goals by Salesperson
  • Monitoring conversion rates and yields
  • Simple update, performed daily

Process of selling insurance for condominiums

Obtaining a total and historical view of the process

We operate in an insurance sales business unit for condominium managers. In this field, the agility and productivity of your process is essential, since it is your company's differential.

With this in mind, our main concern was to identify where the bottlenecks were, that is: which stages of the process required more time and, therefore, represented delicate points in the process. For this, a general and detailed overview of each of the phases (pending quotation, under negotiation, policies issued, among others) was created under two main aspects: volume and lead time.

Thus, we were able to measure what was the flow in each phase, potential stock generators, and also where we could act to reduce the card's waiting time.

All of this would not be as effective without an analysis of evolution by period, of course. Thus, we also built a historical view to monitor the most effective improvement measures.

  • Clear view with status of each step of the workflow
  • Analysis of process volume and lead time
  • Historical overview and monitoring of the evolution of indicators
  • Calculation of untapped potential per customer


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