About Pipefy

Pipefy is a Brazilian software for implementing workflows in a very practical way. With it you can control processes and ensure that everyone involved has the information organized to carry out their activities.

Process control

Keep the process and execution flow organized and with structured data generation at each stage of execution

All in one place

With automatic email sending and PDF generation, you use fewer tools external to your process

Modeling flexibility

It is possible to work with different process scenarios and keep the execution of the routine concentrated in a single tool

Integrations with other tools

Its API connectivity allows integration with several market tools for easy coupling to legacy systems


Pipefy it is a very flexible tool and it is possible to make a very robust modeling of your process. However, there are some challenges in its use:

  • Lack of dashboards for monitoring
  • Engagement of user usage
  • Management routine with the team
  • Understanding APIs and connectivity to other tools

Pipefy with Deskflows App

Explore maximum Pipefy productivity with real-time dashboards

With the Deskflows App you develop your demand monitoring in the phases of the process in Pipefy. This gives you powerful indicators on the progress of activities, and eliminates the need to monitor routine indicators directly in Pipefy.

  • Real-time view of each step
  • Alerts for SLA bottlenecks and disruptions in your communication tool
  • Flow analysis to understand which stages of the process are getting in the way

OUR CASES with Pipefy

See how Deskflows helped boost the use of Pipefy for our customers

Insurance quote process

Organizing policy quotation and negotiation

Different managers were performing the quotation, entering data into the system and negotiating with the customer. The lack of integration and shared vision of the process caused rework and hindered the team's agility. With our help, the process was mapped, improved and reproduced in Pipefy.

  • Clear view of the status of each proposal
  • Automatic notification system for pending actions
  • Control the performance of each agent
  • Contextual information centered on cards
  • Generation of data for analysis (metrics and indicators)

Recruitment and selection process

Transforming data into information, information into decision

Although they already use Pipefy to manage the candidates' progress in the selection processes, manual handling of the data consumed time that could be used for the analysis, and some opportunities for improvement were not detected. By making Pipefy's inputs available on an online dashboard, we help to change some paradigms of the process and indicate critical analyzes that facilitated more agile action plans.

  • Use of data generated by Pipefy for visual dashboard
  • Review of indicators used to measure the performance of agents
  • Assistance with new analysis possibilities
  • Development of a more agile follow-up routine


Find out how Deskflows can help you get the most out of Pipefy

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