We optimize your routine

We monitor and direct your team, dynamically and in real time, so that information is always accessible and you can focus on what matters.

Deskflows App

To generate productivity and optimize your team's management, it's necessary to dynamically monitor stocks and demands. Our application allows you to prioritize the most important and act with minimum reaction time, generating productivity and allowing efficient allocation of resources.


Find process bottlenecks and act immediately

We integrate Deskflows with your operation tools, monitoring the process in real time. This allows you to act on the bottlenecks and maintain the highest productivity of the team.

  • Real-time process map view
  • Setting process limits
  • Generating alerts
  • Integration with your tools by API
  • Active workload analysis


Clear and accessible vision for development and customer success teams

With our prioritization strategies, it is possible to generate autonomy in deciding the next demand to be worked on or to coordinate them in a more tactical way, as appropriate to your reality!

  • SLA monitoring and solution time
  • Integrated vision between teams (CS and Development, for example)
  • Prioritization matrix
  • Demand flow within the development team

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